WPOY 2016 – Week 5

This week was an important week for me, I went to the WPOY 2015 Winners Exhibition at The Forum in Norwich, met some of my idols and peers as well as some of the organisers of the competition. This gave me a chance to explain my reaction to last weeks shot and it was a really good feeling to express the connection I had made with it first hand. After the exhibition had finished I felt refreshed and motivated to get out and keep up my promise to enter every week this year.

Friday night was a bit frantic as I tried to find a location to go shoot whilst at a works night out! During the week one of my Instagram followers suggested I headed to Brightlingsea in Essex, so thats what I did.

05:30 – The Alarm goes Off – 05:40 – The Snooze button gets turned off – away I go. From what I could tell the sky looked promising, some clear patches with a sprinkling of cloud. That had changed by the time I’d reached the Essex Coastline. I was greeted with a very stormy looking scene, with strong winds taking away any chance of getting any reflections in the water. I must admit it was a little disheartening but I thought to myself I just had to work harder to find something. I actually spent quite some time wandering up and down looking for a composition. There was a few things which I thought had potential but to be honest they were average at best. The beach huts would have looked epic if the reflections had of been available in front of them but as I said – that was not on offer.

The shot I picked this week was actually the last one I took, I was walking back to the car when I saw the rainclouds finally decide to drop something of an epic downpour. The handy thing was at this point it was in the distance but fast headed toward me.

BrightlingseaCyclingWeb - Copy

As you can see the Camera captured the moment that the heavens opened and the wet stuff was dispatched. Just happened to handily be in front of the no cycling paintwork which offers some foreground interest. Batemans Tower gave some detail midway through with the stormy sky finishing this off. I’m not to sure about the seaweed and the small pools in the middle of the shot but I’m not one for overly tinkering with things so it is what it is.

Techy Stuff: Canon 5D MKII, Canon 16-35 L Series shot at 19mm, f7.1 @ ISO 400. A 0.6 second shot with the Lee Landscape Polariser & A Lee 0.9 Soft Grad to finish off. Post Processing wise, the usual, Lightroom for Highlights, Shadows, Whites  & Blacks. Photoshop for adding some High Pass for sharpness. Nik Collection to add some Dark/Lighten Centre point. ColorEfex Pro was used to remove some of the blue cast from the cloud as well as the contrast touch up.

It’s currently Monday night, so tomorrow I will tell how this shot does, I am not holding out much hope though so its actually an enjoyable experience not having the added pressure of the expectation I put on myself.

 UPDATE: This shot didn’t make the Top 10 Shortlist. The shortlist was excellent this week  as per usual, and I personally liked 9 out of the 10 which was also quite a high number to be in agreement with.

On to Next Week – Which will probably be a shot from Iceland as I fly Sunday.


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