WPOY 2016 – Week Three

So the buzz from last weeks 3rd place was still strong within me, I was on the board at least and the pressure which I would have put on myself to open my account would increased week after week, but Yes! I was on the board….. With each week that passes I find myself making more and more new friends. Verity @Vemstaroo is one of these, her work is amazing and she shoots such fine locations with lovely tone and eye for a composition, so I am following her on Instagram now and she’s one of those photographers that you just look forwards to seeing her work, much like Justin Minns, you just know its going to have that certain class and quality about it which only someone with real consistency and skill can produce.

It was in fact Justin Minns that gave me the inspiration for this weeks entry. Now this story goes back a few years so I will keep it short and sweet. It was back in the day of when I didn’t have a camera bag glued to my back, in fact I had only just started taking shots of things I liked with my iPad (the choice of camera gear for any Uncle Barry or Aunt Beryl at weddings these days) but back to it, so yeah back in the day, you know 2014 or something way back. I visited the Landscape Photographer of the Year Exhibition which was being held down on the Southbank in London, the girlfriend at the time kindly took me there, (a trip I think she later regretted) Justin Minns shot was the first that I saw, a huge black and white image of Cobbold’s Point in Felixstowe. I read the little tag underneath that gave the description and I remember thinking “No Way thats awesome and just down the road and I had no idea, I must go exploring more” and so I trundled around the exhibition being more and more amazed at what was on view. It was at that point that my love for photography began to blossom.

Fast forwards two and a bit years, about £5000 of camera gear and one cold January afternoon I found myself without football so headed off to scout some locations for future shots…. I actually went to Pin Mill to look for the ship wrecks… Found them… Wasn’t overly blown away…. Looked for new location…. “Ah Felixstowe is just down the road” Headed there found the rocks, the sun had set and I climbed up on to the big boulders sat down and thought “Oh bugger it get your camera out and see what compositions you can get” For some unknown reason I decided to get the big stopper out! IT WAS NIGH ON DARK!!! What was I thinking???? Checked my calculator and it said the shot would take 17 minutes, knowing I was going to leave after I just thought bugger it, add 4 minutes on for the remaining fading light to impact the shot and give it a go…

“Click” ….. the cable release locks in and away I go, 21 minutes to burn…. Try FaceTime a few people, no joy at first, then get through to some people, they seem confused by what I’m trying to explain… about why its going to take 21 minutes and they just end up going with it. Calling Mum would be a safe bet, she’ll be interested, she was, and I thought I might be able to wangle some dinner for the exact time I’d be home… It worked!!!

21 minutes pass, and Yes, I have my built in noise reduction on, so it’d take another 21 minutes to cook the shot. Jump in the car, haven’t a clue if the shot came out.

Headed back across the A14, then crawl up the A140, A1066 and straight to Mums for a delightful dinner! Check the camera and much to my disbelief its looks OK! Check the histogram and BOOM! Thats OK too…. Usual little dabble on Lightroom, highlights, shadows, profile correction, auto alignment, chromatic thingies, export to PS. Nik Collection to see what I can do – not a lot it is what it is, bit of high pass for sharpness then the MacPhun noise reduction… 10 mins MAX… As we say in Norfolk “Jobs-a-Goodun”

Techy Stuff: 1206 Seconds, f.8 at 400 ISO – See how it worked is beyond me!!!


On the grounds of originality I didn’t think I would feature in the Wex Shortlist, but it did, I was once again full of joy and positive energy.

It didn’t place, but to think this was considered good enough to make the Shortlist, and this history this shot held in my heart I was happy to think that I had created a fine image of something which was done to perfection by Justin (It actually made the front cover of the Landscape of the Year book – some achievement)

Wow that was a frantic post but the hype I’m getting from this is to blame….

On to Week 4……..


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