Wex Photographer of the Year 2016 – Week One

So Christmas and New Year have passed and I’m ready for 2016 and in particular I am looking to build on the commitment to getting out and shooting every week. Nothing acts as more of a motivation to me than the Wex Weekly competition. So basically you can enter any one shot as long as its taken within the last 7 days. The competition is known on Twitter (from which you enter) as #WexMondays. Its more than just a competition its a great way to chat to fellow photographers and find some real inspiration. The format of the competition is that each weekly winner gets 50 points (and a place at the end of year exhibition along with a £20 Wex Voucher) 2nd place gets 30 points and 3rd place gets 10 points. I had one winner last year but made the final shortlist a number of times. Like I said I shall be investing heavily this year in looking to get off to a good start and push harder to get up the leader board.

My entry for Week One comes from Kimmeridge in Dorset, funnily enough I hadn’t intended on even shooting at this location. The preparation into the shot came the night before when I agreed to meet my dear friend and super InstaFamous photographer @Jacob (Jacob Riglin – 220,000 followers) down at Corfe Castle. This required a 03:30am alarm call. I set off without having breakfast – ERROR!! I loaded the Jag and was taking out my new Manfrotto 055 CX PRO3  Tripod with a Manfrotto 410 geared head which I leant against the car only for it to drop on the pavement – ERROR 2!! So the journey was scheduled to take 3 hours 55 minutes – it did, although than included a pit stop for a Cereal Bar and some Caffeine Free Red Bull!!

Just prior to arriving at Corfe I could see the sky starting to light up, so I met Jacob in the car park and he was equally as excited. To get a good view of Corfe Castle you have to climb a massive hill, which was a sure fire way to wake me up! The sunrise was amazing but I just wasn’t feeling the atmosphere, the best Corfe shots I have seen involve a lot of mist – there was none. So we left Corfe and I decided to hit the coast – always a safe bet to make me happy.

Arriving a Kimmeridge I instantly felt a good vibe, the waves were crashing in to the Jurassic Coast line and there was a perfect set of rocks acting as a leading line.

Out came the Lee Big Stopper, the Lee 0.9 soft grad and also the Lee Landscape Polariser. My trusted 16-35 L Series f4 Canon Lens was already on and ready to go! I set up to do a 3 minute exposure, hoping to get some nice misty looking water as it came in over the rocks. The clouds were very moody and were luckily blocking out any harsh sunlight so this enabled the exposure to be as long as I wished. The shutter opened and I waited 3 minutes, then 3 minutes more as I insist on using the built in noise reduction that the Canon 5D MKII offers, and yeah it looked like it had potential. I tried some more compositions around the beach but had a feeling I had something I would be happy with.


BREAKFAST was calling – So we headed off to get some healthy food, Little Chef was a nostalgic blast from the past, and when in Little Chef nothing else cuts the mustard – an Olympic Breakfast surely! Strangely I decided to get just Beans on Toast – ERROR 3. The journey home was awful, traffic sucked and it took over 5 hours, this is when I really needed that Olympic Breakfast to keep me going!

UPDATE: The Shot itself didn’t place in the Wex Top 10 Shortlist.








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